Applied Electronics & Communication System

M .Tech Programme in Applied Electronics & Communication System

This Postgraduate programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering is very broad based. While conventional PG programmes concentrate on narrow specializations, this programme gives a thorough exposure to the latest techniques in Electronics as well as Communications. The idea is to groom young engineers in advanced techniques, so that they can contribute to developmental work in specialized areas subsequently and also fill up the academic and research vacancies that are available in plenty. While Advanced Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded System, Communication Network etc. will be the common subjects, electives from both the gelds of electronics and communication will be available to be chosen by the students. Stress will be placed on the application of fundamental principles to solve practical problems. The project work will be industry based. The seminar will involve the detailed study of some recent advances in a specialized area, preparation of a report and making presentations to a select audience. This will evaluate the student’s comprehension, writing skills as well as presentation capabilities.