Electronic Design Technology


M.Tech in Electronic Design Technology

This is a specialized course in Electronics & Communication Engineering. It comprises of study of important topics in electronic system design and fabrication processes. The advent of very and ultra large integration technologies (VLSI & ULSI) in electronic fabrication has led to powerful processors, controllers and digital signal processors. The course equips students to master the design of electronic systems using microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processing chips, embedded system design, application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and system on chip (SOC) design, mixed signal systems and design, electronic instrumentation design, digital signal processing systems, real time operating systems. This is augmented with practical sessions on laboratory works- designing with microcontroller and design of digital signal processing lab. Course consists of seminars by students on advanced topics on electronic design technology. The course work consists of 12 theory papers, 2 laboratory courses, 2 seminars, industrial training of 2 weeks duration, and Master Research Project. Master research project work is to be carried out during the 3rd and 4th semesters by the students. Students have the option to do the Master research project in an Industry or any research laboratory of national repute.