Activities and value addition plan

Activities and Value addition plan for MBA programme

First year

  1. Admission process- Proper interview and selection of ambitious candidates who meet the admission criteria. Free entrance test coaching or aptitude coaching during the admission season. Collecting and following up the list of MAT and C-MAT candidates. Contacting UG colleges during admission season to inform about MAT/C-MAT and give publicity about our MBA program.
  2. Induction Program- 10 days or 2 weeks induction program for fresh batch covering MBA study orientation, guest lectures, CEO meet, outbound learning, management games and bridge courses for mathematics, accounting and English. Formal inauguration/ closing function.
  3. 2 day Academic workshop for faculty members to refresh the curriculum, lesson plan writing and teaching and evaluation methodologies for each course. External experts will be available for advice.
  4. Students are made part of various committees and clubs along with the senior students to participate in their activities.
  5. Professional association membership for students at AIMA/NIPM/ISTD etc.
  6. One business news paper subscribed and daily read by all students.
  7. Assembly sessions ( twice in a week) where students make presentation on various topics.
  8. Daily activity hour to practice soft skills, management games, aptitude tests, mentoring etc.
  9. Monthly guest lectures by industry chiefs, spiritual gurus or professors from premier institutes.
  10. Annual management conference, cultural celebrations and sports day.
  11. CSR activities and visits every semester.
  12. Industry visit- one day visit to see the industry, 3 days visit for organization study and reporting, 3 weeks study to do academic project.

Second year

  1. Elective courses offered to select preferred job sectors. Special focus on writing industry profiles, placement opportunities etc.
  2. CV preparation and corrections
  3. GD/Mock interview, presentation, aptitude tests practice on weekly basis.
  4. Placement brochure preparation.
  5. Add-on certificate courses ( minimum 2 per student) to widen placement chances.
  6. Student exchange program/ overseas study tour.
  7. Industry visit/ On job training
  8. Field survey( paid assignment)
  9. Newsletter publishing
  10. Journal publishing
  11. Club activities.