Rules & Regulations

General rules and regulations

  • Any student admitted to Jawaharlal College of Engineering and Technology, Lakkadi, Palakkad shall  undergo the prescribed course of study as per the stipulations of University of Calicut, Government of Kerala and directions of AICTE, New Delhi.
  • College working hours will be between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m. on all days including   Saturdays
  • As far as possible the students must attend all classes throughout the course providing 100% attendance.
  • Every student should have 80% attendance as eligibility for writing university examinations. The Vice Chancellor/Syndicate of the University is the authority to condone the shortage of attendance up to 10% on the recommendation of the Principal based on his or her participation in sports, literary and extracurricular activities for which the student has been deputed by the College if they obtain less than the mandatory attendance of 80% for appearing in the University Examinations.
  • In order to make our students more fluent in conversational English it is mandatory that all students should speak in English within the campus.
  • When a student is found absent from the classes without proper permission (by the parent / guardian) he /she is liable to face disciplinary action and also to pay fine, the quantum of which will be decided by the principal depending upon the severity of absenteeism
  • Similar disciplinary action and fines will be applicable when a student does not comply with certain important academic functions like

  1. Submission of assignments
  2. Attending the examinations, debates, yoga classes, visas& seminars.

  • Fines collected, in the above heads, of course, will be totally used for student development programmes.
  • Disciplinary actions will be initiated when a student fails to wear the prescribed uniform of the college during working days/hours
  • The Management accepts no responsibility in respect of the loss of property of students in the College premises or for accidental injury caused during the course of their training.
  • All entries made in the application for admission ought to be correct and authentic and no material shall be concealed.

  • 1) All fees pertaining to the college are to be paid on or before the prescribed date intimated in the prospectus or calendar and as per the undertaking provided.
    2) For the late payment of fees, late fees may be levied.
    3) Fees once paid will under no circumstances be refunded whether in full or part even if he/she does not join the Institution or joins and discontinues the course immediately after joining in the middle. The parent/guardian must note that students are admitted under the specific condition, mentioned above. This applies equally to a student who has been expelled from the College on disciplinary grounds. In case a student discontinues for any reason, what so ever he has to pay the balance of fees for the whole course for which he has been admitted.

  • All original certificates are to be deposited with the College and the same will be forwarded to the university and it will be returned only after the completion of the course and after the full payment of the course fees.
  • For every payment., which should be made to the College Office, a receipt in the proper form duly signed by the Accountant should be obtained.
  • Every student will be issued an identity card / smart card on admission. This card is to be returned on completion of the course. In case of loss of the I.D / Smart Card, a duplicate one may be issued at a cost when an affidavit is provided by the student.
  • Any other lawful dues to the College should be paid promptly when the College makes a request.
  • Students are required to pay visits to Industries/ Institutions as an integral part of the course and the expenses for the same should be borne by them.
  • Every student should get re-admitted to the course at the beginning of every academic year irrespective of the duration of the course. This is to ensure by the Principal that the deficiencies noted in the performance of the students in the preceding academic year are made good by proper counseling and other remedial measures by the College. Application will be supplied for the said readmission free of cost. If deficiencies are not removed totally, the student may be given conditional admission with proper undertaking by the student jointly with the parent. When readmitted to the higher class a readmission card will be issued to the student by the Director.

         In case of readmission for a student who loses one year should apply for readmission to the University of Calicut through   Principal and an application fee prescribed by the University to be remitted in University account. Further on confirmation of readmission the student shall pay the requisite tuition fees to the college and an readmission slip to be obtained from the Administrative Office. 

  • First year students are not allowed to stay outside as paying guests in and around the College. First year students must come from their respective home or they have to join in the hostel
  •   1) List of working days and holidays given in this academic calendar are applicable to the students
         2) Holidays for faculties and administrative staffs will be declared as and when required.

  • Students can download all forms related to academic and non-academic from the respective college websites for their usage (Eg:- TC Request Form, Leave Application, Hostel Admission and Relieving form, Caution deposit refund form, Dues clearance form, Bus pass form, etc..)




Ref. No.:  NCT/JCET/146/47-17, Dated 29.05.2017
Readmission dates have been rescheduled Revised  Readmission Schedule is  as under

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