Reasearch, Development & Consultancy

JCET was started with the noble aim of providing excellent quality education with scope of research to the prospective engineers in all branches with visionary management. As the technology changes day by day, the visionary management believes in inculcating proper ethics to students and staff to achieve academic excellence in the field of technology advancement. The college organizes various seminars, workshops, conferences and expert lectures throughout the year, students and staff win various prizes as a token of appreciation. With the emerging trends in new technologies, it is essential to expose both students and staff to higher levels of advancement in new technologies in their fields of interest. In this context, visionary management aims at providing exposure to on the most modern technologies in the following fields.

  • Aircraft maintenance and certified course
  • Modeling, analysis and testing of various aero engine components.
  • CAD/CAM and computer aided engineering
  • Computer simulation and analysis AUTOCAD, PRO, ANSYS and other analysis software.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Micro electro Mechanical systems.
  • Developmentof software and embedded systems
  • Robotics and Artificial intelligence
  • Industry Oriented courses
  • Cryptography
  • Web design and applications
  • VLSI Designs
  • Nano Technology
  • Meta programming
  • Failure analysis of electrical machines and condition monitoring
  • Utilization of conventional and non- conventional energy resources
  • Conducting extra classes for weak students and for GATE aspirants.